Top Victoria Criminal Attorneys

Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corporation
A law firm located in Victoria, BC Canada. We also handle cases in other parts of British Columbia and Canada. We have lawyers who can assist with a variety of cases. Whether you’re looking for a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer, or an ICBC lawyer, we can help.
Address : 736 Broughton Street #200, Victoria, BC V8W 1E1
Phone : (250) 480 4040

Geofrey D. Simair Law Corporation
We are a Victoria law firm dedicated to defending people facing criminal chargesor motor vehicle related cases such as drunk driving or impaired driving. For over 14 years we have helped people facing charges ranging from shoplifting, drug possession and impaired driving, all the way to major drug cases and murder.
Address : 1005 Broad Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2A1
Phone : (250) 385.4500

Carr Buchan & Company
Carr Buchan & Company offers well over 50 years of legal experience to serve our clients in Victoria and Esquimalt. Areas of practice: Criminal Law specializing in Impaired Driving, Family, Personal Injury, Business Law, Civil Litigation and Wills & Estates.
Address : Suite -520 Comerford St, Victoria, BC V9A 6K8
Phone : (250) 388-7571

Donald J. McKay
If you have been charged under any of the following Acts, Donald J. McKay Law Corporation can help; Criminal Code of Canada, Youth Criminal Justice Act, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Firearms Act, Offence Act, and Motor Vehicle Act.
Address : 1027 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC V8V 3P6
Phone : 250.381.2616

McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson Law Corporation
Lawyers Specializing in Law for Business & Individuals in Victoria BC in areas including Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Estate Planning & More. Providing clients with a full range of legal services including employment, builders liens, personal injury, family, criminal defense, real estate, conveyances and wills and estates.
Address : 880 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2B7
Phone : 250-385-1383