Top Vancouver Criminal Attorneys

Mark W. Muenster
I have been focusing my practice on criminal law for the past 30 years, and I can defend you in state, local and municipal courts.
Address : 1010 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 694-5085

James Mayhew
James Mayhew can represent you in all matters of real estate law and criminal defense. James Mayhew understands that your property is the biggest investment in your life, and will work hard to provide the counsel and representation you need.
Address : 401 West 15th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 699-6317

Louis Byrd
Byrd Legal Services has been representing clients in criminal law matters for 17 years. We are aggressive defenders of our clients' rights and freedom. We believe that every person accused of a criminal charge deserves a strong and effective defense.
Address : 1104 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 693-7078

Steven W. Thayer, P.S.
Steve Thayer has over 30 years experience protecting people who have been persecuted by the police and prosecuted by the government. He has tried and won virtually every kind of criminal case.
Address : 1111 Main Street #660, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 694-8290

Jon J. McMullen
I have successfully defended all types of criminal cases including DUI, drug offenses (including medical marijuana, large marijuana grow cases and methamphetamine manufacture), crimes of violence, sex crimes and homicide, winning many cases at trial.
Address : 900 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone : (360) 696-0911

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