Top Overland Park Criminal Attorneys

Paul W. Burmaster, P.A.
At the Burmaster Law Firm, we concentrate on drunk driving defense in Kansas and Missouri, but we also aggressively defend all types of criminal charges. We challenge improperly filed charges and seek legal options that meet the needs of our clients.
Location : Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 648-1464

Norton Hare, L.L.C.
Our firm also practices in all other areas of Traffic Defense, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and other general legal matters in the municipal and district courts of Kansas and Missouri.
Location : Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 906-9633

Hagen Law Offices LLC
At Hagen Law Offices LLC, we have 12 solid years of experience defending clients against many different criminal charges, including DUI, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, and serious traffic offenses.
Address : 10801 Mastin St Ste 110, Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 686-6460

The Kelly Law Firm
We handle criminal defense matters, including DWI / DUI, felony and misdemeanor charges. With over ten years of experience, our lawyer works to make certain you understand your rights, your options and their consequences before making decisions that could affect your future, your freedom and your criminal record.
Location : Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 451-1119

Bath & Edmonds PA
The practice at Bath & Edmonds, P.A., is devoted solely to representing individuals and businesses, in responding to and defending against, criminal investigations and other governmental inquiries.
Location : Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 652-9800

Larry C. Hoffman
Mr. Hoffman has been handling criminal law matters since 1988 and family law matters since 1995. We are a family law and criminal law practice that handles a wide range of legal matters.
Location : Overland Park, KS
Phone : (913) 345-1800

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Location : Overland Park, KS
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