Top Nashville Criminal Attorneys

Gordon Law Group
Here at the Gordon Law Group, our attorneys that practice criminal law have practiced criminal defense for several years and worked under two Criminal Appellate judges. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to know what you are facing both at trial and at appellate levels.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 254-1471

Attorney Rob McKinney
At the law office of Rob McKinney, our clients not only benefit from our experience, but our willingness to stay on the cutting edge of criminal law. Resting on our laurels and not continuing to learn about changes in the law does little to serve our clients.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 259-9009

Law Offices of Lee Martin
With over 10 years of experience in criminal law, I was able to analyze their situation, recommend the best course of action and obtain a just and fair outcome for their cases.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 345-1988

Robert T. Vaughn
Mr. Vaughn's primary practice area is criminal law and he has defended individuals charged under both State and Federal law charged with various crimes including DUI & Implied Consent, murder, manslaughter, wire fraud and possession and resale of controlled substances of all types.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 259-1230

Cynthia J. Bohn And Associates
Our attorneys handle a wide variety of family law, criminal defense and personal injury matters. We stress listening to you, compassionately responding to your needs, and providing legal solutions tailored to those needs.
Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (615) 252-8866

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Location : Nashville, TN
Phone : (866) 686-5436