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Kans Law Firm LLC -  Minneapolis Criminal Attorney
For the past 15 years, Minnesota criminal attorney Douglas Kans has dedicated himself to defending individuals charged with crimes. Over these 15 years, he has earned the respect of fellow colleagues, prosecutors, and judges throughout the State of Minnesota. Mr. Kans has successfully litigated and negotiated hundreds of criminal cases during his career. He has had many proud achievements, but none as important as the personal satisfaction he receives from working hard and achieving wonderful results for his clients. Call Doug and the Kans Law team today at (952) 835-6314 for a FREE consulation.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (952) 835-6314

Timothy D. Webb, PLLC
Tim Webb is an experienced defense attorney who represents corporate and individual clients in all federal and state criminal investigations and prosecutions. Known for his integrity and expertise, Mr. Webb’s clients have included a police chief, clergy, politicians, corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, certified public accountants and other professionals.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (612) 340-7970

W. Harvey Skees, P.A.
W. Harvey Skees has represented individuals at both the State and Federal level in the areas DUI/DWI and Criminal Defense Litigation. We have the knowledge and experience to handle ANY criminal and/or related civil matter, including (but not limited to): DUI/DWI Law - Criminal Law - Driver's License Law - Felony - Gross Misdemeanor - Misdemeanor - Criminal Sexual Conduct - Rape- Drug Possession - Murder - Assault- Theft - Burglary - Domestic Assault- Probation/Parole Violations - Appeals - DUI/DWI Forfeiture - Drug Forfeiture
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (612) 825-6415

Halberg Criminal Defense
The five partners at Halberg Criminal Defense bring an unparalleled blend of criminal trial experience together in one firm with over 100 combined years of experience. At Halberg Criminal Defense, we pride ourselves on approaching each case as a team. The five attorneys each bring a unique perspective to the analysis of every case and we have found that taking a team approach helps maximize success. We handle all levels and types of state and federal criminal cases including DWI, Drug Offenses, Assaults, Thefts, Burglary, Homicide, Loss of Driver’s License, Vehicle and Property Forfeitures, Probation Revocations, and Jail/Detox Release.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (952) 224-4848

Thomas C Gallagher
Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Tom Gallagher has been defending our Liberty, one good person at a time for over twenty (20) years. He is an experienced Minnesota defense attorney. Whether "pre-charge," after an arrest, or after charges have been filed; Gallagher handles Minnesota cases from homicides and sex crimes; to felony and misdemeanor assaults, domestic assault, white collar crimes and theft crime; to marijuana and drug crime charges; to DWI traffic-related homicide cases.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (612) 333-1500

Brockton Hunter, P.A.
Brockton Hunter, P.A., in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is focused on protecting clients' rights. Attorney Hunter defends people charged with property crimes, violent crimes, DWI and drug offenses. The firm approaches every case with thorough preparation and a focus on obtaining the best results possible.
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Phone : (612) 874-1625