Top Lincoln Criminal Attorneys

Berry Law Firm
At the Berry Law Firm, our experienced attorneys have provided aggressive and skillful courtroom representation for more than 40 years. We represent people charged with crimes, injured in accidents, involved in divorce disputes or in need of veterans' benefits.
Location : Lincoln, NE
Phone : (402) 466-8444

Naylor Law Office, P.C.
Location : Lincoln, NE
Naylor Law Office, P.C., provides criminal defense to persons charged with crimes in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. The firm also provides criminal defense to people who were traveling on Interstate 80, stopped and subsequently arrested on drug charges.
Phone : (402) 474-5529

Monzon Law, P.C., L.L.O.
Since 1994, we have served the legal needs of the communities that make up Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding area. In this time, we have built our reputation by providing consistent, aggressive, and effective legal service in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, workers' compensation and immigration law.
Location : Lincoln, NE
Phone : (402) 477-8188

James Hoppe Law Office
For years our firm has provided its clients with steadfast support that those facing criminal charges need and expect. Our mission at our law firm is to provide each client deadicated professional services focusing on criminal defense.
Location : Lincoln, NE
Phone : (402) 474-3884

Kevin J. Oursland
Lincoln, Nebraska, criminal defense attorney Kevin J. Oursland has more than a decade of experience representing people charged with state and federal crimes. He has handled every kind of case from speeding to homicide.
Location : Lincoln, NE
Phone : (402) 474-5544

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Location : Lincoln, NE
Phone : (866) 686-5421