Top Grand Rapids Criminal Attorneys

James B. Howard, Attorney at Law
James B. Howard, Attorney at Law, was appointed judge of the 61st District Court by the governor of Michigan. He has also been elected to the Grand Rapids Bar Association Board of Trustees, and has served as clerk for the Wayne County organized crime task force. As a public defender in Kent County, James began handling criminal cases in 1974.
Address : 200 Division Avenue North, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone : (616) 459-7940

Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones
Our broad general practice encompasses many fields of law. Whatever your situation is we have the right lawyer — or the right team of lawyers — to provide the most reliable, comprehensive, and responsive legal assistance possible. Contact our Grand Rapids office to make arrangements to speak with a family law attorney, a criminal defense lawyer, or a team of business litigators to help you resolve a commercial dispute.
Address : 900 Monroe Avenue Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone : (616) 632-8000

Macfarlane McDonald, PLLC
We are a full-service law firm that provides legal services in most of the areas an individual or small business owner may need, including commercial litigation, personal injury, family law, criminal defense, estate planning, employment law and insurance law. We are known as the lawyers to see when you have a case that may end up in court.
Address : 1001 Monroe Avenue Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone : (616) 977-9200

Willey & Chamberlain
Willey & Chamberlain is one of the most respected criminal defense firms in Michigan. We are committed to providing exceptional representation, and our wealth of experience in handling the most sophisticated matters makes us uniquely suited to handle your defense, no matter what type of case.
Address : 40 Pearl Street Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone : (616) 458-2212

LaGrand & Denenfeld
LaGrand & Denenfeld is a law firm designed to provide a full range of legal services to clients, especially those needing criminal defense. We offer 56 years of combined experience in federal and state courts across Michigan, and we have a proven track record of success in trial courts and appeals courts alike. Our attorneys specialize in providing criminal defense against charges of white collar crimes, embezzlement, fraud, criminal sexual offenses, drunk driving (DUI), and other offenses.
Address : 161 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 404, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone : (616) 356-1770

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney
LegalMatch is America’s number one online legal matching service that connects you with local lawyers. If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, LegalMatch is the fast, free, and confidential way to find one. After presenting your case, lawyers may review and respond in minutes; you’ll be able to compare lawyer offers, view attorney profiles and view ratings by other LegalMatch users before you choose the best lawyer for your circumstances.
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Phone : (866) 686-5342